Privacy Policy

GainWebStats respects your privacy.

Any personal information you provide to us including and similar to your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address will not be released, sold, or rented to any entities or individuals outside of GainWebStats.


Credit card details

GainWebStats will never ask for Credit Card details and request that you do not enter it on any of the forms on GainWebStats.



A "cookie" is a small data text file that is placed in your browser and allows GainWebStats to recognize you each time you visit this site (customisation etc). Cookies themselves do not contain any personal information, and GainWebStats does not use cookies to collect personal information. Cookies may also be used by 3rd party content providers such as newsfeeds.


We protect your personal information

While we do our best to protect your personal information. In addition other Internet sites or services that may be accessible through GainWebStats have separate data and privacy practices independent of us, and therefore we disclaim any responsibility or liability for their policies or actions.


Contact Information

Please contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policies.